Using social media to find new employees


Is your company using social media to get the word out about employment opportunities? Those that aren’t could be missing out on an incredible way to discover great job candidates.

Research shows that more and more people looking for employment are “social job seekers” – using sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find job and career opportunities. In fact, more than three-quarters of the respondents of a recent poll reported that they had found their current job on Facebook! That means that companies that aren’t advertising available positions on social media could be missing out on some great job candidates. Social media is also a cost-effective tool to find prospective employees. So what’s the best way to use social media as an employee recruiting tool?

Some companies that are the most successful using social media to find new employees showcase why they are such a great place to work. They take photos of their employees and post them to their social channels. They periodically highlight workers who have received awards and or have been recognized. Has your company received a safety award? Letting everyone know about it on social media can be a great way to demonstrate why someone would want to work there!

Once a company has established itself as a great place to work, any available positions can be advertised on its social channels. Research shows that it’s not only the ‘career-oriented’ social channels, such as LinkedIn, that can help connect companies with good employees. When it comes to advertising available positions, consider using any form of social media that your company is already actively using! Social media shouldn’t be the only way companies advertise available positions, of course. But it can be one of a number of effective methods to help a company find the workers they need to grow and succeed.

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